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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


women are magical creatures; they can tantalize you all they want with promises of sexual satisfaction, and then in the last second, take the cake away as it's dancing in your face, and then call you a pervert for even considering the possibility of sex. Though this pisses off many, i find this a wonderful touch to "the chase" all guys must partake in. Personally, I find it horrible to see a man in a "nudie bar", because I hate shallow people. They give us good guys a bad name. Eh, It's hard living in a world where the douche-bag gets the girl.


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  2. A good bawww is always welcome, thanks broskie.

  3. i agree man. I hate how the douche-bags always get the girls. Why cant nice guys ever win?

  4. disregard females acquire aesthetics, i live my life by this saying

    your friend,