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Monday, September 26, 2011

One Month in:

Well, as some of you close to me know I changed schools. It's not that I didn't like the school I was in before, it's just that it wasn't exactly the right "fit". That's all I was told, that it wasn't the right "fit", nothing about how my grades, nothing about my depression, just not the right "fit". On the first day I awkwardly made my way around and sat silently in my class, carefully observing. All the meticulous calculations and mental notes I was writing would serve me well in the coming days. Usually you can tell a lot about the way people sit in class. For example: often times there will be people who's leg will vibrate uncontrollably, this will tell you one of two things; First, that they are not a fan of the class that they are in, and two, that they are nervous about an upcoming class. I also noticed that the school is very "cliquey". It's not exactly the traditional high school cliques, but you do have your jocks and the geeks are also pretty easy to pick out; I'd say I fall in the category of the latter. This being said, I am athletic, but I believe overall my nerdyness wins out 90% of the time. Tumblr's big here, (sigh) but at least here I don't have my tumblobsessed girlfriend talking to me all the time about her newest reblog, or the latest trend.